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 Bath, Brush and Blow Bar

Puppingham Palace offers baths, brush-outs, and nail grinds. Our grooming appointments are just that, your appointment time. Your pet will not be in a crate all day waiting for his or her appointment. Our grooming schedule allows for a more relaxing experience for your furry family member.

Grooming prices are breed-specific but range from $30-$70 for a bath, brush, and blow-dry. The Bath, Brush, and Blow Bar includes paw cleaning, nail clip, anal glands expressed (upon request), and ear cleaning.

Make a weekly appointment to have your dog brushed out, so you can avoid any matting. They can have a play date afterward in our daycare!

Baths, trims, brushing, and nail trims can be added to your boarding stay as a departure service so your pup goes home smelling and looking fresh!