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Daycare hours:

Monday-Friday: 7:30AM-6PM

Saturday & Sunday: 9AM-5PM

Puppingham Palace offers 2 large indoor play rooms, which are heated and air conditioned as well as an artificial turf outside play area!  Our dog daycare play areas have live webcams, so you can watch the fun your dog is having while you are at home or work. All of the dogs that visit us are separated into groups based on their size and play style. Our play areas are constantly being supervised by our highly trained staff who always make sure the dogs are having fun and staying safe! Because we do limit the number of dogs that can come play, each pooch receives a lot of personal attention and belly rubs from our staff!  Each play area is cleaned throughout the day and sanitized every night!  We take great pride in providing a fun, clean place for your dog to socialize and play! All dogs must go through a scheduled “meet and greet” before they become regular clients at Puppingham Palace. We want to be sure the off leash environment is one that your dog enjoys. Meet and greets are 2 hours and we evaluate your dog during that time to be sure that Puppingham Palace is a good fit for your dog. We do not allow dogs that demonstrate aggression in daycare. We allow all breeds and sizes of dogs as long as they play well with others. Please schedule a meet in greet in advance.

Any dog that enters Puppingham Palace for daycare, private event, grooming or a meet and greet is required to show proof of Rabies, Bordetella, DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo, Para-influenza). The Canine Influenza vaccine is HIGHLY recommended. If you choose not to vaccinate your dog against the flu, you will be asked to sign a waiver stating the risks.  Also, all dogs must have current tick and flea protection and a negative fecal exam once per year.  If any of these shots have lapsed, you will need to wait 10 days from the time the shot was given until they can enter our building.  All dogs must be 14 weeks or older, and we require dogs to be spayed or neutered by 7 months of age. These rules ensure the health and safety of the dogs in our facility. If your dog has a fever, is coughing or does not seem to be feeling normal please do not bring them to daycare. Vet records can be faxed 636-891-7405 or a hard copy can be brought in when you drop your pet off.

Daycare Rates

Daily Rate For 1 Dog/Day

NEW pricing effective June 1, 2019

Full Day (4 hours or above)-$30

Half Day (4 hours or less)-$20


Full Day Rates

  • 5 days $126 ($24 savings)
  • 7 days $177 ($33 savings)
  • 10 days $252 ($48 savings)
  • Unlimited month $756 ($144 savings)

Half Day Rates

  • 5 days $90 ($10 savings)
  • 7 days $126 ($14 savings)
  • 10 days $180 ($20 savings)
  • Unlimited month $540 ($60 savings)

ALL Packages (per dog/expires every 30 days)

20% off for each additional dog on daily daycare rates (not packages)

*Daycare packages expire 30 days from date of purchase.

**Policy shift notice-Daycare effective immediately: Late and early drop off. Daycare dogs who are picked after 6pm M-F or 5pm on Saturday will be charged a late fee of $5 per 10 minutes past closing. Any daycare dogs not picked up within 30 minutes after closing will be checked in for boarding and charged for overnight accommodations. Early drop offs before 7:30am M-F will also incur a fee however we require 24 hour notice.