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You Love Your Dog, But Does Your Dog Love You?

You Love Your Dog, But Does Your Dog Love You?

We dog lovers adore our pets and show them affection by petting them, playing with them and caring for their needs.  At Puppingham Palace, St. Louis’ finest dog daycare and boarding provider our trained staff spend all day playing with dogs in our huge indoor and outdoor play areas.  Puppingham Palace’s doggie daycare has lots of toys for its guests and an environment which is kept clean, updated and ventilated.  It is clear we love our dogs, but how do we know if our dogs love us in return?

Click on the link below to watch a short video sourced from Cesar’s Way, “Does your dog love you?”

The clearest way I know my dogs love me is to watch their tails begin wagging anytime I walk near them.  Big dogs tend to whack their tails against whatever is near them like drummers.  I can actually hear my dogs begin wagging their tails against the walls in their kennel when I exit my car in our garage.  One of my dogs refuses to be let outside unless he first stops next to me at the open door and looks up for a quick pat and chin rub.

When our dogs “kiss” us by licking are they showing affection?  When our dogs come next to us to stand our lay at our sides are they showing love?  How do you believe your dog(s) demonstrate their love for you?  Please stop by Puppingham Palace’s doggie daycare and dog boarding facility in beautiful Wildwood, Missouri to feel some great dog love!  Check us out on the web: